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Pa Khao Ma Pie Bags

Pa Khao Ma Pie Bags

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Ditch the disposable bags and embrace eco-friendly chic with our reusable Pa Khao Ma pie bags! These beauties are crafted from Thailand's vibrant signature fabric, Pa Khao Ma, ensuring each bag is as unique and colorful as the delicious treat you're carrying.

Not just for looks, these pie bags are built for convenience. The sturdy construction protects your precious pies from bumps and bruises, while the easy-to-carry design makes transporting them a breeze. So go ahead, bring on the picnics, potlucks, and bakery runs – our Pa Khao Ma pie bags are ready to add a touch of fun and functionality to your next adventure!


  • Dimensions: 35x35cm
  • Strap drop: 22cm

Care Instruction:

  • Washing machine with cold water and gentle detergent
  • Do not use a dryer, as this can shrink or damage the fabric.


Handcrafted from the Village

Each of our pieces is handcrafted with dedication in local villages, making every item uniquely special.

Variations in size and color are a testament to their artisanal origins and the individuality they bring to your space.


We're eager to bring the rustic charm of our pieces to your home swiftly.

Standard orders will be packed and shipped within 1-3 working days upon receipt.

For [PRE-ORDER] items, we appreciate your patience as each custom piece is meticulously crafted in our French or Thai villages. Pre-order times vary, but we aim to deliver these special creations to your home within 3-4 weeks.

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  • Discover Authenticity in Every Piece

    Our collection weaves a rich tapestry of stories, each piece a testament to the genuine artistry and cultural depth of French and Thai craftsmanship. Fall in love with designs that speak not just of style, but of heritage and heart.

  • Ethical Craftmanship

    Our products stand as a testament to ethical practices and heartfelt support for our artisans. With every item, experience the blend of enduring quality and sustainable elegance that forms the core of our timeless designs.

  • Openness through Design

    We are committed to bringing a world of rustic beauty to your doorstep. Our diverse and globally inspired creations are designed to enrich your environment, making each piece a celebration of the world's shared beauty and harmony.

Bring the Village Spirit Home

At Coq & Malai, each item is more than just a piece of fashion or decor piece; it's a bridge between the serene village life and your vibrant city existence.

Our collections are thoughtfully curated to bring the spirit of rustic charm right into your urban space. Every piece resonates with the heartfelt touch of French and Thai villages, embodying a blend of traditions and stories that turn your home into an idyllic retreat. In every design, in every material, we capture the essence of simpler, slower living – a gentle reminder to savor the little moments and embrace a life filled with rustic elegance.