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Coq and Malai

A Franco-Thai family of passionate travelers, deeply in love with culture, design, and the simple pleasures of life. Though we grew up surrounded by concrete and skyscrapers, our hearts remain firmly rooted in the rustic charm of rural France and the warmth of the Thai countryside. Our journeys across the globe are a quest to savor the authentic and natural ways of life, especially in our respective homelands.

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Cultural Fusion

We celebrate the distinctive fusion of French and Thai cultures, highlighting the exquisite diversity and richness this blend imparts to our collection.

Each collection is a testament to the enchanting synergy of these two worlds, creating a tapestry of design that enriches and elevates every piece.

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Embracing the simple pleasures of life

Our mission at Coq & Malai is to curate and craft lifestyle products that celebrate the fusion of French “joie de vivre” and Thai hospitality. We hope to inspire urban dwellers to embrace the simple pleasures of life, infusing their homes with our rustic charm.

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  • Discover Authenticity in Every Piece

    Our collection weaves a rich tapestry of stories, each piece a testament to the genuine artistry and cultural depth of French and Thai craftsmanship. Fall in love with designs that speak not just of style, but of heritage and heart.

  • Ethical Craftsmanship

    Our products stand as a testament to ethical practices and heartfelt support for our artisans. With every item, experience the blend of enduring quality and sustainable elegance that forms the core of our timeless designs.

  • Openness through Design

    We are committed to bringing a world of rustic beauty to your doorstep. Our diverse and globally inspired creations are designed to enrich your environment, making each piece a celebration of the world's shared beauty and harmony.