Who we are

We are Coq & Malai, a Franco-Thai family of passionate travelers, deeply in love with culture, design, and the simple pleasures of life. Though we grew up surrounded by concrete and skyscrapers, our hearts remain firmly rooted in the rustic charm of rural France and the warmth of the Thai countryside. Our journeys across the globe are a quest to savor the authentic and natural ways of life, especially in our respective homelands.

Our Story

On each trip, we bring back a piece of the countryside to infuse into our urban sanctuary. We take delight in inviting our friends and their guests to partake in our adventures because our hospitality knows no bounds.

Our passion has led us to diverse business ventures, all reflecting our spirit of welcome, sharing, and inspiration.

Then, a brilliant idea struck us: why not blend the similarities of French and Thai hospitality into a unique range of lifestyle products?

And so, Coq & Malai was born—a brand as genuine, authentic, friendly, and approachable as the family behind it. Our products mirror our cultures—cultural, authentic, ethical, durable, and low-maintenance.

Our Vision

Coq & Malai envisions a world where the charm of rustic living and the warmth of cultural authenticity enrich urban life. We aspire to be the bridge that brings the idyllic village into the heart of the city, creating a harmonious blend of cultures and a more sustainable, genuine way of living.

Our Mission

Our mission at Coq & Malai is to curate and craft lifestyle products that celebrate the fusion of French “joie de vivre” and Thai hospitality, and inspire urban dwellers to embrace the simple pleasures of life, infusing their homes with our offering.

Bring the Village Spirit home